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Independent  5  channel  Power Amplifie                                                     

In OA-5300  is very suitable for driving high quality home theater and multichannel music system.Based on the design of larger OA-5300, is a completely balanced for OA-5300 topology.Due to its low distortion and quiet operation, it can fine details and nuances of lower levels of sound resolution refinement excellence.Rated output, into seven channels, OA-5300 has enough power to drive almost any system reference level.
Equipped with high-end gold-plated speaker output connector, rear panel including optional balance RCA and XLR input interface.
Super filter                                                                                  
OA-5300 FIVE channel audio amplifier, each channel is independent transformer design, the ultra high degree of separation and equipped with 48000 uf filter capacitance, the whole machine filter capacitance of the total capacity of 33600 uf, large capacity for power amplifier has super power reserves, to the horn of the control is strong, and can avoid power of each channel interference so as to reduce noise and intermodulation distortion.To cinemas in surrounded by great presence very in place, a clear and delicate to listen to music.Many enthusiasts with surging shock to describe the effect directly.
OA 5300  Specifications                                             
Frequency Response  20 Hz to 20 KHz +/-0.1 dB
Input sensitivity 2.4V RMS
Output power 200 W RMS X 5 at 8 Ω
300 W RMS X5  at 4 Ω
Output impedence <0.015  20 Hz to 20 KHz
Power consumption Standby: 5 W
MAX:1800 W
Power input                    
5 single-ended via RCA connector
5 balanced via XLR connector
115V/230V(input votage)
Dimensions (W*H*D) 430mm×180mm×415mm
Weight 42 kg (unit only)
Warranty 2 years(from purchased date)

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