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OrisunAudio 700se Series Home Theater In-Ceiling LCR Speaker
Model: ES-HT700se-ICLCR-5
Designed to meet the demands of critical listeners, the ES-700 is equally capable as a music or home theater speaker. Even at low volume levels, you'll appreciate the clarity and detail that these speakers produce...and when you turn them up, you'll enjoy a wide, natural soundstage and exceptionally dynamic sound.
Most architectural speakers use the wall or ceiling they are installed in as the speaker’s enclosure. This means they will sound somewhat different in each install. But, like all architectural speakers in Orisun’s Home Theater series, the ES-HT700-ICLCR-5 incorporates a rock-solid integrated back box for precise, consistent performance that simply isn’t possible with a conventional architectural speaker.
The ES-HT700se-ICLCR-5 is ideal for high-end
home theater applications. It can be used in
the ceiling for front, side or rear surround sound,
and it’s unique angled design directs sound
where it’s needed. Timbre-matched to other
models in the ES-700se Series.
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