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For cinephiles who want something more, we proudly introduce our DD+12 subwoofers. They are instantly recognizable as a very serious high end product. Elegantly finished in piano gloss black, our DD+12  subwoofers are stylish and attractive as well as accurate.
For cinephiles looking for uncompromising accuracy in an elegant package, our DD+12 subwoofer is the ultimate choice. It features our ORISUN CORE Direct Servo Technology to ensure accuracy and definition. As an cinephile you appreciate that bass is the foundation of a satisfying home theatre experience. You also appreciate that there is more to a home theatre subwoofer than shaking the room,.
What makes our subwoofers suitable for cinephiles? It's not that they can plumb the depths with authority. There are already many subwoofers on the market which can do that. The difference is that they reproduce bass with a level of realism that is normally only associated with much more expensive high end full range loudspeakers.
  • Reference dual 12 inch high output subwoofer
  • Exclusive 500W RMS/1300W MAX  amplifier
  • Parallel Drive Technology ™
  • ORISUN CORE Servo Technology
  • Sealed cabinet design for improved sound quality & subsonics
  • Opposed side-firing drivers cancel out cabinet vibration
  • Stackable for multiple sub setups
  • Outstanding midbass performance
  • Dual 1 inch thick grills with acoustically transparent fabric
  • RCA and XLR inputs
  • 1300W short-term RMS
Quality enclosure
Our enclosures are very solid and well braced to minimize any cabinet resonances or coloration. The baffle into which the driver is mounted is double thickness.
Our DD+12  subwoofers are exclusively finished in black Grind arenaceous
Bass extension controls
All of our subwoofers feature unique bass extension controls which are not normally provided on subwoofers. This enables the user to customize the output and extension to achieve the best compromise in any room. Most subwoofers neglect to provide bass extension control, and the result is that dynamic headroom is compromised.
Balanced professional version
For professional use, a balanced input version is available. The outputs allow multiple subwoofers to be connected. Simply daisy chain the connections, running output from the first (master) subwoofer to the input of the next.
For home use, balanced connections are not normally required. However, for those using studio processors and EQ units with balanced outputs, this option may be more convenient. If connection to a source with RCA connectors as found on my home audio equipment, an adaptor may be used. In this case it should be noted that the connection can no longer be considered balanced.
PEQ parametric version
There is one band of parametric EQ with adjustable frequency, gain and bandwidth. This means you can not only control the boost or cut, but also the width of the filter.
Additional bass management options are also provided. A switch allows the user to select a 12 or 24 db/octave crossover slope setup option. Where the higher slope (24db/octave) is selected, the amplifier uses a variable 12db/octave filter in addition to a fixed 12db/octave filter. One can choose with a switch the corner frequency of the fixed filter as either 50 or 80 Hz, which will suit most situations. The variable filter can be used for fine tuning.
Orisun DD+12 Specifications               
Drivers  Dual 12-inch one piece Aluminum Cone
Amplifier 500w RMS /1300W MAX class A/B patented CORE TECH servo 
Dimensions 460X400X420mm (include Grille)
Shipping Weight 42KG
Frequency Response 20-120Hz
Crossover slope Selectable 12 or 24 dB / octave
Crossover range (Low pass) 22-120Hz
Input Voltage 115/230V
Phase response < 90 degrees phase shift at 20 Hz
Phase adjustment 0 - 180 degrees continuously variable
Bass damping factor settings high (Q=0.5), med (Q=0.7), and low (Q=1.1)
Finishes  Black Sand Paint
Warranty 3 years warranty on driver and 2 years on electronics
  30 day satisfaction guarantee

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