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Our CORE TECH   Technology                                                            
All our subwoofers use our CORE TECH technology, Without exception, Our OS series and DD+ series subwoofer has inherited the same goal in mind, providing high end performance at an affordable price. It allows us to use lighter and more efficient drivers and still achieve deep bass without using excessive amounts of power. Our CORE TECH Technology  reduces memory effects, counteracts thermal compression and various forms of driver non linearities.
There are other small but powerful subs on the market, but what OS18 achieve is a smart mix of brute force, small size and finesse. Now the articulate and dynamic bass that our other subs have become known for is available with greater punch and smaller size.
crossover point                                                                            
With many subwoofers, it is difficult to get a correct and seamless integration with the main speakers because the amplifier settings are often very different to the measured response. You may set the crossover point to 80 Hz, but the actual crossover point may be anywhere between 60 and 100 Hz!
With our subwoofers the upper and lower -3 dB points are a very close match to the settings selected. If you set bass extension to 14 Hz, that is exactly what you will get.
ORISUN OS18 Specifications  
Amplifier 1650W  RMS class A/B
Dimensions 57CM(W) x 57CM (H )x 59CM(D) - (21-1/2" D with grille)
Shipping Weight 145 lbs/65KG
Frequency Response 14 - 200 Hz (-2 dB @ 14 Hz) with LFE inputs
  14 - 90 Hz (-2 dB @ 14 Hz) with LINE IN inputs
Crossover slope Selectable 12 or 24 dB / octave
Crossover range (Low pass) 25 - 100 Hz
Rumble Filter (High pass ) 20 Hz 18 dB / octave
Phase response 90 degrees phase shift at 20 Hz
Phase adjustment 0 - 180 degrees continuously variable
Bass damping factor settings high (Q=0.5), med (Q=0.7), and low (Q=1.1)
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