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Skills and brute force                                                                     
Our OS-15 sub designed for  customers with larger rooms and those who want greater bass impact  specifically. Our OS-15 sub offer two advantages when compared to our other subs. The first is 2 dB higher output. At bass frequencies, every 6 to 10 dB increase sounds twice as loud (the actual number varies with listeners). So the 2 dB increase with our OS-15 sub will sound around one third louder. The second benefit is an increase in perceived authority and impact. When a subwoofer amplifier reaches it's limits, clipping occurs. This tends to reduce the dynamics and authority of the sound. Our OS-15 sub can play cleanly where our other sub are operating at their limits. The difference is felt as much as it is heard.
Include our CORE TECH sub                                                    
For audiophiles who want something more, we proudly introduce our Signature Edition subwoofers. They are instantly recognizable as a very serious high end product. Elegantly finished in Vintage Brush black .Finish.
For audiophiles looking for uncompromising accuracy in an elegant package, our OS-15 Signature Edition subwoofer is the ultimate choice. As an audiophile you appreciate that bass is the foundation of a satisfying music or home theatre experience. You also appreciate that there is more to a home theatre subwoofer than shaking the room, and that music can be far more satisfying with a subwoofer that can play deep.
ORISUN OS15 Specifications  
equipment  15-inch one piece Aluminum Cone
Amplifier 650W  RMS/1800W MAX  class A/B, 
Dimensions 480X480X530mm  (include Grille)
Shipping Weight 108 lbs/49KG
Frequency Response 20-120Hz
Crossover slope Selectable 12 or 24 dB / octave
Crossover range (Low pass) 20-120Hz
Iput Voltage 115/230V
Phase response 90 degrees phase shift at 20 Hz
Phase adjustment 0 - 180 degrees continuously variable
Bass damping factor settings high (Q=0.5), med (Q=0.7), and low (Q=1.1)
Cabinet Finish                                     Black Sand Paint​

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