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10" front-­firing woofer
Line level and speaker level inputs
Volume control, crossover control, phase switch and power switch on amp panel
In order to complete your home theater, a subwoofer is crucial. The new ORISUN CORE TECH 10 Sub, kicks out robust bass with a 10" driver with 200 watts of power. This bad boy won't only let you hear the powerful kick drum or rumbling earthquake, but lets you feel them too.
With line and speaker level or LFE inputs, they can connect to almost any surround or stereo system or A/V reciver with flexibility and ease. Pair the ORISUN AUDIO OS-10 Sub with the immersive sound of any of our speakers and experience home audio entertainment like never before.
System Type                                 Bass reflex via rear-mounted slot port
Frequency Response                28-120Hz
Variable Low Pass Filter           Variable 50Hz-150Hz
Dimensions                                 320X320X368mm  (include Grille)
Variable Phase Control            Switchable 0 or 180 degrees
Power Mode Switch                   Auto/On/Off
Voltage                                         115/230 V, 50/60 Hz universal power supply with ½ watt power standby
Inputs                                           Two line level/LFE RCA inputs and two high level speaker inputs
Woofer                                         10" (25.4cm) front-firing woofer
Amplifier Power Output             250W (RMS); 750W(max)
Weight                                          24kg
Finish                                            Black Sand Paint
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