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OS-12 Subwoofer

Able to take full advantage of 12" drives that don’t require kilowatts of power
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Introduce our CORE TECH Subwoofer;      
For enthusiasts looking for uncompromising accuracy in elegant packaging, our OS12 signed version of Subwoofer is the ultimate choice. As an audiophile, you understand that bass is the foundation of a satisfying music or home theater experience. You also know that the role of home theater Subwoofer is not only to vibrate the room, but also that Subwoofer can play deeper music and make the music more satisfying.
What makes our Subwoofer suitable for audiophiles? Not that they can probe the depths authoritatively. There are already many Subwoofers on the market that can do this. The difference is that they reproduce bass with a sense of realism that is usually only found in more expensive high-end full-range speakers.
Many of our customers are amazed that we can produce such an excellent Subwoofer at such a low price. Our core technology makes it possible, allowing us to take full advantage of 12"drives that don’t require kilowatts of power. Don't be fooled into thinking that other more expensive Subwoofers with more powerful amplifiers will provide more output. The output of the Subwoofer depends on how much air the driver can replace, not the rated power of the amplifier. We can provide more powerful amplifiers, but will not increase the output, only increase the cost.
Although designed mainly for sound quality, these custom-designed drivers are also stylish in appearance, with an integrated anodized aluminum cone and rubber surround. Unfortunately, it is impossible to judge the accuracy of the driver by observing the appearance of the driver. There are other drivers on the market that actually look very similar, and it is easy to think that they are comparable. Many of them have poor performance due to heavy moving masses, no short-circuit loops, wider gaps around the voice coil, and high inductance that limits the available high-frequency cut-off point. Many are not suitable for crossover points higher than 50 Hz. Considering that a large number of home theater speakers perform better when dismissing bass duties, this is very limited.

Driver  12 inch one-piece aluminum cone
Enter RCA
Amplifier 400w RMS/1000W MAX  
Size 400mm(W) x 400mm (H)x 450mm(D)
Shipping weight 28KG
Frequency response 20-120Hz
Input voltage 115/230V
Phase response < 90 degree phase shift at 20 Hz
Phase adjustment 0-180 degrees continuously variable
Bass damping coefficient setting High (Q=0.5), medium (Q=0.7) and low (Q=1.1)
Complete  Black sand paint
Warranty 3 years for drives and 2 years for electronic devices
  30-day satisfaction guarantee
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