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OS-215 dual 15-inch passive Subwoofer
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OS-215 dual 15-inch passive Subwoofer

Black sand paint, 2*15 inch aluminum pot bottom speaker
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OS-215 dual 15-inch passive Subwoofer

Wooden box material processing Black sand paint
Speaker unit 2*15 inch aluminum pan bottom speaker
Frequency response 22-120HZ
Input method Speaker connector
RMS power 1200W
Maximum power 2400W
Maximum sound pressure level 110dB
How it works Guided
Size 880*800*450mm(W*H*D) (including frame)
Weight 75KG


DSP-2000 SubwooferAmplifiers

◆ Working mode: High-efficiency Class D power output 1200W     
◆ Input: XLR, RCA, OPT
◆ Built-in high-precision DSP integrated 8-segment PEQ, HPF high-pass filter phase, delay adjustment    
◆ Built-in automatic EQ room intelligent correction function, equipped with a dedicated microphone.     
◆ Remote WIFI connection, support mobile IOS system, USB PC terminal connection debugging, dedicated PC software
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Monitor level design concept-large dynamic balance

Audiophile monitor class cinema system
Danish original gentleman treasure custom unit
Fever grade divider
Low resonance mechanism box
Audiophile terminal
Co-created with top speaker manufacturer SCANSPEAK
Strict acoustic testing to ensure true restoration
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